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Business Analysis Consulting


    Requirements Elicitation, Specification and Analysis tasks are now an integral and              critical part of most  project cycles, applicable to both IT/Software and Business.

Structured and efficient Requirements Analysis methods can streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, dramatically reduce project time, accelerate performance. 

An expert Business Analyst can apply an innovative and optimized Requirements Management process to achieve results in any industry vertical.

Areas of Application

Product Development and Enhancement, Process Improvement; Pre-Sales and Marketing; Business Expansion, and Startup ventures.



Project Management & Coordination, Process Improvement

Industry standard or custom methodologies are applied for project management.

Custom frameworks can also be devised to achieve tangible improvements in a shorter time frame.

Business Research

 Through a well-defined Research  service, companies can better understand their competitive landscape, market trends, overall company positioning and other issues impacting their customers or themselves.

 Research Studies will be conducted with well-defined Business Research Methods. Research Reports can be prepared. Research will be customized in order to meet the organization’s information needs outlined in the project goals and objectives.

 Data is analyzed and presented utilizing advanced Analytics techniques.

 Ability to provide research and analysis on a wide variety of business topics addressing the need for either a focused study or a high-level assessment.

 Collection of Primary Data can be conducted through in-depth, open-ended direct interviews with a range of knowledgeable resources. Secondary-Source Information will be gathered through an exhaustive review of existing materials. This may include existing documents such as product literature, business and trade publications, internet, web sites, and other sources.

Business and Functional Specifications

 Translating Business Requirements into Specifications is a critical activity.  Specifications often serve as a “blueprint” or foundation for the entire set of downstream processes.

 The right specification formats created with the right Tools is a determining factor in the project outcome.

 Preparation of multi-level Functional Specifications for Systems, Software and Workflow.

 Design specifications or Meta Data creation from redesigning existing systems to building new systems and processes, managing change cycles, etc. E.g. UML Models and Use Cases, User Interface Designs, Product Prototypes, Storyboards, pre-development mockups.

 A systematic approach to documentation ensures efficient and accurate flow of information between management, staff and other participant groups.  

System & Process Models

  Models provide different views or representations of a system/process for different purposes. Among the many benefits they provide is cost reduction associated with upgrading and maintaining systems, Training of new hires, standardization and troubleshooting.


  A versatile range of models can be prepared ranging from Functional (e.g. Logical Data Models), Process Flow Charts (e.g. with Visio) to more abstract high-level models; Business Models, other commonly used designs and artifacts, spreadsheets and Presentations.

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