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About Private UI- Proof of Thought Leadership

Private Unemployment Insurance (Business Plan; 2002)

This Business Plan - originally prepared in 2002 (with USPTO) - proposed a mid-tier Insurance product in the category of "Career Insurance" -- primarily aimed at providing Career resources for people  facing between-job situations and other career contingencies.

Copyright © 2002 by S.Iyer. All Rights Reserved



Private Unemployment Insurance (White Paper; 2006)

White Paper based on the same Plan, prepared around 2006. Copyright © 2002 by S.Iyer. All Rights Reserved


Based on a more comprehensive methodology devised by me to measure impact of "Thought Leadership works" including White Papers, Books, etc. this paper analyzes the "Private Unemployment Insurance" Business Plan I initiated and co-prepared in USA, 2002. 



Career & Placement Services (2014)

Wrote this paper as a follow-up to my previous work in Private Unemployment Insurance, as I thought about how a "Career & Placement Services" financial product could be better positioned--next to Private UI, or just by itself in the market. I could think of various product positioning possibilities, and the result is this short write up! A summary/ excerpt of this paper was forwarded to a US company back in 2014 along with the Patent Application number to mark the date/time of this paper.