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Shubhadha Iyer's Business Analysis White Papers


Business Analysis Consulting (Brochure) 

This document describes the nature and scope of Consulting Services to be offered by the Consultant in the functional mode of Business Analyst.



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Rapid Business Analysis (White Paper)

The Methodology proposed here, while not being limited to  IT/Software projects, involves an “accelerated” mode of Business Analysis, offered with an add-on assortment of specialized Services. It is aimed at meeting focused and time sensitive requirements such as Product Enhancements, Process Improvements and BPR, Business Research & Consulting.

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Management Plans

Shubhadha Iyer's Management White Papers


Management Business Analysis

Describes the scope, impact and benefits of the Management Business Analyst role.

Solution areas, Methodologies and Service Strategy are outlined. 


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OD Interventions in Change Management

OD Intervention is one of the most important techniques available today, for achieving planned change in organizations. Organizational Development (OD) is a planned, systematic, top-down approach at the organization level that can apply any of several change techniques. As it is known to work through active Interventions, the focus is on the OD Intervention as a tool of Organizational Development.

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Objective Decision Models for People Management

Decision Models can offer many benefits in the area of Human Resources and People Management to support Managerial decision-making and related tasks. The focus here is on Objective Decision Models to improve People Management decisions in work places. A Decision Review Model & Decision Making Process are suggested as suitable for certain types of decision making.

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White Papers & Business Plans (2000-2002)

Expert Information Management System (2000)
This Business Plan - originally prepared in 2000, proposes a type of web-based Human Resource Information Management System consisting of a database of Experts.

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Automated Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Diagnostics for Internal Technical Support (2000)
Originally prepared in 2000, this Plan proposes an Expert Systems-based Tool and methodology for Troubleshooting and Internal Support (Operations, Administrative and Technical).
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Artificial Intelligence(Cont'd 2010-Present)

AI Impact Analysis (2013)

Overview of consultant Shubhadha Iyer’s research/academic work experience and independent initiatives in “Artificial Intelligence" (1989-2002 and in 2013).
Based on a methodology devised by the Consultant a formal Impact Analysis is then conducted to analyze the value-add from the consultant’s Business Plan in 2000, USA.
Copyright © 2013 by S.Iyer. 
Latest AI White Paper (2017)
Practical AI-based strategies are  now suggested in this paper (Excerpt only) to improve Troubleshooting based on a framework that incorporates flexible and adaptive AI techniques developed over the years. Provisional Patent Application filed by S. Iyer in 2020 based on this paper
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Private Unemployment Insurance(2002)

Private UI (2002)

Private Unemployment Insurance (Business Plan; 2002)

This Paper - originally prepared in 2002 - proposed a mid-tier Insurance product in the category of "Career Insurance" -- primarily aimed at providing Career resources for people  facing between-job situations and other career contingencies.

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Outsourced Analysis Services (Business Plan; 2002)

Business Plan proposes a Service that would specialize in taking over parts of a project cycle involving various levels of analytical work -- technical, business, systems analysis, etc.


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Career and Placement (2014)

Career & Placement Services (2014)

Wrote this paper as a follow-up to my previous work in Private Unemployment Insurance, as I thought about how a "Career & Placement Services" financial product could be better positioned--next to Private UI, or just by itself in the market. I could think of various product positioning possibilities, and the result is this short write up! A summary/ excerpt of this paper was forwarded to a US company back in 2014 along with the Patent Application number to mark the date/time of this paper.

Career and Placement (2020)

Career & Placement Services (2020)

This latest Executive Summary (2020) proposes a Portal for Contract Jobs. 

Medical Diagnosis System (MDS)- Design & Framework (2023)

This latest White Paper presents the design & framework for a Medical Diagnosis System (MDS). Vast amount of R&D has already been done in this field, now I have added a few design features based on my own research and solution formulation.

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